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Short-term toxicity to fish

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96h LC50 = 10.5 mg/L

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Fresh water fish

Fresh water fish
Effect concentration:
10.5 mg/L

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Since no reliable chronic fish test is available for C8-18AS Mg & TEA (CAS 85586-38-5), in accordance to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Annex XI, 1.5, a read-across to another structurally related category members was conducted. Read-across data from the following category members were used: C8AS Na (CAS 142-31-4), C10AS Na (CAS 142-87-0), C12AS Na (CAS 151-21-3), C14AS Na (CAS 1191-50-0), C16-18AS Na (CAS 68955-20-4), C8-14AS NH4 (CAS 90583-10-1) and C12-18AS Na (CAS 68955-19-1). Toxicity of alkyl sulfates is dependent on the carbon chain length and the influence of the counter ion can be neglected.

The GLP study with C8AS Na (CAS 142-31-4) was performed according to OECD 203 guideline (Neven 1993). Zebrafish (Danio rerio) were exposed for 96 hours to five test concentrations up to 100 mg/L (nominal concentrations in agreement with the measured ones). Since no toxic effects were observed up to the highest test concentration, the 96-hour LC50 value was determined above 100 mg/L (nominal concentration).

In the non-GLP study with C10AS Na (CAS 142-87-0) performed according to Japanese Industrial Standard JIS K0102, 1-week old carp pre-larvae (Cyprinus carpio) were exposed to C10AS Na for 48 hours under static conditions (Kikuchi et al. 1976a). Based on pre-larvae mortality, the LC50 value was 13 mg/L (nominal concentrations in agreement with the measured ones). This value is considered as a reliable short-term LC50 value for fish.

Toxic effects of C12AS Na (CAS 151-21-3) to fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) were studied in a non-GLP test performed according to OECD 203 guideline (Rawlings 2004). Fish were exposed in a flow-through system to five test concentrations up to 48 mg/L of nominal concentration, corresponding to 40 mg/L of measured concentration. Mortality of fish was evaluated every 24 hours. The test substance was determined to have the 96-hour LC50 value of 29 mg/L (measured concentration).

Moreover, one non-GLP short-term test with golden orfes (Leuciscus idus) preformed according to DIN 38412 - L15 guideline is available for C14AS Na (CAS 1191-50-0; Richterich 2001). Fish were exposed in a static test for 48 hours to the nominal concentrations up to 8 mg/L of 25.7% pure test substance (in water). Analytical measurements are not available. Mortality of fish was evaluated after 6, 24 and 48 hours of exposure. The 48-hour LC50 value was determined to be 3.2 mg a.i./L (nominal concentration).

The non-GLP study with C16-18AS Na (CAS 68955-20-4) was performed according to ISO 7346-1 guideline (Richterich 2001). Zebrafish (Danio rerio) were exposed under semi-static conditions for 96 hours to seven test concentrations up to 22 mg/L of the 55% pure product. No analytical measurements are available. The results show that the 96-hour LC50 value was 5.2 mg a.i./L (nominal concentration).

One GLP short-term fish toxicity test is available for C8-14AS NH4 (CAS 90583-10-1). The test was performed with zebra fish (Danio rerio) according to ISO 7346-1 guideline (Guhl 1992). Mortality of fish was determined under semi-static conditions after 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours of exposure to the concentrations up to 32 mg product/L (nominal concentration) of 32.9% pure technical product in water. The nominal concentrations were in agreement with the measured ones. The results showed that the 96-hour LC50 value was 5.3 mg a.i./L (nominal concentration).

The toxicity of C12-18AS Na (CAS 68955-19-1) to fish was investigated in a GLP guideline study according to EU method C1 (Scholz 1997). In this semi-static test with the carp Cyprinus carpio, a LC50 (96 h)-value of 17 mg/L (active ingredient) was measured.

Due to structural and property similarities with the tested category members it can be concluded that the above results apply also to C8-18AS Mg & TEA (CAS 85586-38-5). The short-term LC50 value for this substance calculated based on the LC50 values available for the C8, C10, C12, C14 and C16-18 alkyl sulfates. The composition of C8-18AS Mg & TEA (CAS 85586-38-5) used for the calculation was based on the normalized mean values of provided ranges: C8: 15.8%, C10: 15.8%, C12: 44.7%, C14: 15.8%, C16: 5.3% and C18: 2.6%. Using the additivity formula stipulated in EC Regulation 1272/2008, the LC50 value of C8-18AS Mg & TEA (CAS 85586-38-5) for fish is 10.5 mg/L.