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Most of data on the physical properties of the 1,4 -diethylbenzene have been obtained from a number of publications and other secondary sources. The data in these sources are based on a critical evaluation of peer reviewed data and the selected values are considered to be reliable and representative of the property under investigation. Information on the review process was documented in the introduction of the source. As stated in the guidances the use of Klimisch codes (Klimisch et al. 1997) has been extended to these literature and secondary sources and a reliability code of (2) valid with restrictions has been assigned to them.

1,4 -diethylbenzene is a low molecular weight, flammable liquid of low volatility.

The boiling point is 183 °C without decomposition. The water solubility is considered low (24 mg/L) and log Kow of 4.07 indicates that 1,4 -diethylbenzene is expected to adsorb somewhat to soil and sediment and not migrate through groundwater and/or air in a big extent. The pKa has not been determined, as the substance is found to be stable at pH 4, 7 and 9 and is not expected to significantly dissociate in water at environmentally relevant pH values (5 to 8).

According to the results and to its structure it is not expected this substance hasn't explosive and oxidising properties.