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Data on physical properties of the reaction mass were obtained from one proprietary source. Additional data was obtained on four of the main components of the reaction mass. The data in these sources are based on a critical evaluation of the data and the selected values are considered to be reliable and representative of the property under investigation. Information in the review process was documented in the introduction of the source. The use of Klimisch codes (Klimisch et al, 1997) was extended to these sources and a reliability code was assigned.

Review of the collated information indicates that the reaction mass is a colourless liquid at room temperature with a perceptible stinging odour. The substance has a boiling point in the range 30°C to 300°C and a flash point of -8°C at a corrected or assumed pressure of 1013 hPa. No data on the vapour pressure of the substance is available, however a review of data for the four main components, would indicates the vapour pressure in the range 1.8 to 21 kPa at 25°C.

The substance is notclassified for physical hazards according to Annex 1 of Directive 67/548/EEC. The flash point and boiling point data for the substance indicates that the reaction mass would be classified for physical hazards. Based on the information provided this classification would be either flammability category 1 or flammability category 2.