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PBT assessment

Administrative data

PBT assessment: overall result

Type of composition:
legal entity composition of the substance
State / form:
Reference substance:
Composition 1
PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

P, vP criteria: Based on screening information (not readily biodegradable based on the prediction from the EPI-Suite model BIOWWIN), P and vP criteria cannot be excluded for 2-fluoronitrobenzene.

B, vB criteria: Based on screening information (Log Kow = 1.69, Hansch et al. 1995), 2-fluoronitrobenzene is neither B, nor vB.

T criterion: 2-fluoronitrobenzene being classified as STOT RE category 1 (H372), it fulfills the T criterion.

Conclusion: Because the three criteria to be considered as PBT and the two criteria to be considered as vPvB are not fulfilled, 2-fluoronitrobenzene is neither a PBT, nor a vPvB substance.