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Waiving argument

According to Annex IX of REACH, the study does not need to be conducted as the substance is readily biodegradable (please refer to IUCLID5, section 5.2.1). Nevertheless, calculation results are available.


Supporting model prediction

Using the calculation according to Franco & Trap the Koc and the log Koc were calculated at different relevant pH values. The pH corrected logKoc were calculated to be 3.08 at pH=5, 2.64 at pH=7 and 2.04 at pH=8 respectively.

In addition, the log Koc was estimated by KOCWIN (as part of EPISuite v4.11). Using the MCI method the log Koc and the Koc were calculated to be 1.7538 and 56.73 and using the logKow method the log Koc and the Koc were calculated to be 0.8933 and 7.821 respectively. All available data are in the same range and support the waiving argument. In conclusion it was stated that Adsorption to solid soil phase is not expected.


Henry's Law constant

The Henrys Law constant was calculated using US EPA EPISuite software. The Henrys Law constant was calculated to be 0.000891 Pa*m3 / mol at 25 °C. The substance is not within the applicability domain of the model. Thus, the result may be less accurate.


Based on the criteria of OECD TG 23 as the Henrys Law constant is below 100 Pa*m3/mol the substance was considered not to evaporate into the atmosphere from the water surface.


Distributing Modelling

Using the Mackay Level I simulation the equilibrium distribution of a fixed quantity of the conserved substance, in a closed environment at equilibrium, with no degrading reactions, no advective processes, and no intermedia transport processes was estimated. Physical-chemical properties were used to quantify a chemical's behaviour in an evaluative environment. The Level I Model assumes a simple, evaluative, closed environment for the following homogeneous environmental media: air, water, soil, sediment, suspended sediment, fish and aerosols. The distribution in the different media was calculated as follows: air 1.79 %, water 98.1 % soil 0.109 %, sediment 0.00243 %, suspended sediment 0.0000076 % fish 0.000000618 % and aerosol 0.00000004 %. It was concluded that over time the substance will preferentially distribute into the compartment water.