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IUPAC name:
Zeolite, silica rich, without aluminium, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous



Molecular and structural information

Molecular formula:
M2/nO [SiO4/2]y [AlO4/2] • wH2O (n is the valence of the cation M, predominantly Na or K, and for Na and K is n=1; y >650, and w is the number of water molecules typically between 4 and 40.
The composition based on the metals present in the zeolite is typically:
Al: <0.1 % (due to impurities of the silicon raw material), K/Na: <1 %, Si: 40 - 46.1%
Molecular weight:
>= 2 880 - <= 5 800
Structural formula:
Chemical structure

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