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Perkadox PM-W75 is an organic peroxide type D with a SADT of 90°C. Flammability is an intrinsic hazard in this class.

 Bis(4 -methylbenzoyl)peroxide is a powder (water damped solid white powder, 72%).  

The melting point of bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide is 134.8°C and the substance decomposes immediately after the melting process. The reported melting point is above the SADT.

The relative density of bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide is 1.22 at 20°C.

The calculated vapour pressure of bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide is 0.0012 Pa at 25°C.

The partition coefficient of bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide is log Pow = 4.7.

The water solubility of bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide at 20°C is 0.043mg/L.

The fat solubility of bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide in standard fat HB 307 is 680 ± 50mg/100g, at 37.0 ± 0.5°C.


The endpoint summaries of the following properties of Bis(4 -methylbenzoyl)peroxide are waived:

Boiling point: The substance decomposes just after melting, before boiling. Moreover, bis(4 -methylbenzoyl)peroxide is classified as a Type D peroxide with a SADT of90 ºC.

Surface tension: Bis(4 -methylbenzoyl)peroxide should not be regarded as a surface active material.

Flash point: The study is technically not feasible.

Flammability: Bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide is classified as a peroxide Type D with a SADT of 90 ºC. Flammability is an intrinsic hazard in this class.

Explosive properties:Substance has no explosive properties and has no oxidizing properties. It is not classified as Organic Peroxide Type B (Reference: CLP regulations and UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, 16th revised edition, Section

Oxidizing properties:This test is not applicable. In the CLP regulations, organic peroxides are not oxidizers. They are classified in a distinct hazard class (Also, see ECHA guidance on the application of the CLP criteria, Section 2.14)

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