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Conclusion on classification

Environmental classification and labelling of a substance is generally based on data from short-term aquatic toxicity results, the ready biodegradability of the substance and the measured octanol/water partition coefficient.


The estimated log Kow for 3-(3-isopropenylphenyl)butanal is 3.9 using the calculation software KOWWIN v. 1.68 (EPISuite v 4.1). 3-(3-Isopropenylphenyl)butanal is expected to be readily biodegradable and to have a lowest acute L(E)C50 value in the range of >1 to ≤ 10 mg/L, based on read-across from the structurally related analogue, 3-(3-isopropylphenyl)butanal..


Based on the above information, 3-(3-isopropenylphenyl)butanal is considered to be classified as R51/53 according to Directive 67/548/EEC (DSD). The substance is not classified according to Regulation 1272/2008/EC (CLP) since the estimated log Kow is < 4.