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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

In an enhanced biodegradation test based on the OECD 301B guideline a continuous biodegradation of the test substance was observed. The degradation was not finished at test termination but had reached 40 to 50 % indicating a potential for complete biodegradation.

In a model calculation using OASIS BCF base-line v1.04 tool which includes mitigating fators as metabolism, size etc. shows, that the substance undergoes metabolic transformation (BASF 2011). Therefore the calculated BCF of ca. 8 which includes these mitigating factors clearly indicates that the substance is not bioaccumulative.

No effects on reproduction in a chronic study on Daphnia were observed at a nominal test concentration of 10 mg/L.

Due to all available data the substance does not fulfil the PBT nor the vBvP criteria.