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Anionic, sulfosuccinate

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Category definition:
The sulfosuccinate category consists of di-ester sulfosuccinates. The basic structure of di-ester sulfosuccinate is succinic acid which is sulfonated and where both carbon acid groups are esterified with alkyl alcohols of different chain length or cyclic C6 rings. In the di-ester group, both carboxylic acids groups are esterified in contrast to the monoester group where only one carboxylic acid group is esterified. The alkyl alcohols of the monoester are either linear or branched.
The current group contains linear, branched and cyclic sulfoscuccinic acid di-ester sulfosuccinates with C- chain length from C4 to C13, sharing same functional groups (same general basic structure). The substances of this group do not contain other elements than C and H in their alkyl rests.
The cationic part is often sodium, but also potassium. No significant difference in properties between potassium and sodium salts is expected.

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Category rationale:
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