Substance Regulatory Obligations



EC number: 231-096-4

CAS number: 7439-89-6

Last updated: 23/02/2021
ECHA Legislation Regulatory Obligations

Regulatory obligations may exist for this substance under the legislations under ECHA’s remit or for which ECHA has delegated tasks (i.e. REACH, CLP, BPR, PIC, CAD / CMD, WFD, and POPs). Please check the substance Infocard.

Fertilisers Regulation

Fertilisers Regulation, Annex I, E.2.1, E.2.2 and E.2.3

This list contains Annex I fertiliser types according to their specific characteristics. Regulation 2003/2003/EC consolidates all European Union rules that apply to fertilisers, and ensures that the technical requirements it outlines are implemented uniformly. The Regulation only applies to mineral fertilisers consisting of one or more plant nutrients.

Name CAS Min micro-nutrient content_1 Min micro-nutrient content_2 Min micro-nutrient content_3 Min micro-nutrient content_4 Min micro-nutrient content_5
Iron (Fe)
2 %wt
0.3 %wt
0.5 %wt
0.02 %wt
0.02 %wt
Plastic Materials and Articles Regulation

FCM and Articles Regulation, Annex II - Restricted Substances

This list contains the Annex II substances subject to general restrictions for use in plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Each listed substance includes specific migration limit that must not be exceeded.

Name CAS SML (mg/kg) Notes
48 mg/kg
1a Substance listed in Table 1. Plastic materials and articles shall not release the substances in Table 1 in quantities exceeding the specific migration limits expressed in mg/kg food or simulant specified in column (3), and subject to the remarks in Column (4).
1b Substances listed in Table 1 shall only be used in accordance with the compositional requirements set out in Chapter II. If Chapter II does not provide a basis for the authorised use of such a substance, that substance may only be present as an impurity subject to the restrictions specified in Table 1.
Water for Human Consumption Directive

Water for Human Consumption Directive - Quality Criteria

This list contains the Annex I parameters from the Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC, which concerns the quality of water intended for human consumption. Its objective is to protect human health from adverse effects of any contamination of water intended for human consumption by ensuring that it is wholesome and clean.

Name CAS Application Name Expressed As Maximum Threshold Minimum Threshold Part Qualifier(s) Restriction(s) Notes  
Drinking water
200 μg/l
C1 Part C - Indicator parameters

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