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C&L Inventory

C&L Inventory

This database contains classification and labelling information on notified and registered substances received from manufacturers and importers. It also includes the list of harmonised classifications. The database is refreshed regularly with new and updated notifications. However, updated notifications cannot be specifically flagged because the notifications that are classified in the same way are aggregated for display purposes.

Classifications derived from joint submissions to the REACH registration process are flagged accordingly. For more information on these substances, please consult the Registered substances database.

Please note that some of the information on C&L Inventory may belong to third parties. The use of such information may therefore require the prior permission of the third party owners. Please consult the Legal Notice for further information.

A technical issue affecting the C&L Inventory data was detected and while we have restored most of the data, users might still encounter some remaining issues. ECHA is working to fix those as quickly as possible.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

CL Inventory

Notifications submitted/updated by: 06 August 2020
CL Inventory
Names and numerical identifiers
Classification details
antimony trioxide
215-175-0 1309-64-4 051-005-00-X View details
diphenyl(4-phenylthiophenyl)sulfonium hexafluoroantimonate
403-500-0 159120-95-3 051-006-00-5 View details
bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium hexafluoroantimonate
404-420-9 71786-70-4 051-007-00-0 View details
231-442-4 7553-56-2 053-001-00-3 View details
hydrogen iodide
233-109-9 10034-85-2 053-002-00-9 View details
hydriodic acid ... %
053-002-01-6 View details
696-33-3 053-003-00-4 View details
calcium iodoxybenzoate
053-004-00-X View details
(4-(1-methylethyl)phenyl)-(4-methylphenyl)iodonium tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)borate (1-) 422-960-3 178233-72-2 053-005-00-5 View details
barium peroxide
215-128-4 1304-29-6 056-001-00-1 View details
barium salts, with the exception of barium sulphate, salts of 1-azo-2-hydroxynaphthalenyl aryl sulphonic acid, and of salts specified elsewhere in this Annex
056-002-00-7 View details
barium carbonate
208-167-3 513-77-9 056-003-00-2 View details
barium chloride
233-788-1 10361-37-2 056-004-00-8 View details
gadolinium(III)sulfite trihydrate
456-900-2 51285-81-5 064-001-00-8 View details
hafnium tetra-n-butoxide
411-740-2 22411-22-9 072-001-00-4 View details
hexasodium tungstate hydrate
412-770-9 12141-67-2 074-001-00-X View details
Reaction products of tungsten hexachloride with 2-methylpropan-2-ol, nonylphenol and pentane-2,4-dione
408-250-6 074-002-00-5 View details
osmium tetraoxide
osmic acid
244-058-7 20816-12-0 076-001-00-5 View details
tetrachloroplatinates with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex 078-001-00-0 View details
diammonium tetrachloroplatinate 237-499-1 13820-41-2 078-002-00-6 View details
disodium tetrachloroplatinate 233-051-4 10026-00-3 078-003-00-1 View details
dipotassium tetrachloroplatinate 233-050-9 10025-99-7 078-004-00-7 View details
hexachloroplatinates with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex 078-005-00-2 View details
disodium hexachloroplatinate 240-983-5 16923-58-3 078-006-00-8 View details
dipotassium hexachloroplatinate 240-979-3 16921-30-5 078-007-00-3 View details
diammonium hexachloroplatinate 240-973-0 16919-58-7 078-008-00-9 View details
hexachloroplatinic acid 241-010-7 16941-12-1 078-009-00-4 View details
tetraammine platinum (II) hydrogen carbonate
426-730-3 123439-82-7 078-010-00-X View details
hydroxydisulfito platinum(II) acid
423-310-1 61420-92-6 078-011-00-5 View details
platinum(IV) nitrate/nitric acid solution
432-400-1 078-012-00-0 View details
mercury 231-106-7 7439-97-6 080-001-00-0 View details
inorganic compounds of mercury with the exception of mercuric sulphide and those specified elsewhere in this Annex
080-002-00-6 View details
dimercury dichloride
mercurous chloride
233-307-5 10112-91-1 080-003-00-1 View details
organic compounds of mercury with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex 080-004-00-7 View details
mercury difulminate
mercuric fulminate
fulminate of mercury
211-057-8 628-86-4 080-005-00-2 View details
mercury difulminate
mercuric fulminate
fulminate of mercury [≥ 20 % phlegmatiser]
211-057-8 628-86-4 080-005-01-X View details
dimercury dicyanide oxide
mercuric oxycyanide
215-629-8 1335-31-5 080-006-00-8 View details
dimethylmercury 209-805-3 593-74-8 080-007-00-3 View details
diethylmercury 211-000-7 627-44-1 080-007-00-3 View details
phenylmercury nitrate 200-242-9 55-68-5 080-008-00-9 View details
phenylmercury hydroxide 202-866-7 100-57-2 080-008-00-9 View details
basic phenylmercury nitrate 620-403-0 8003-05-2 080-008-00-9 View details
2-methoxyethylmercury chloride 204-659-7 123-88-6 080-009-00-4 View details
mercury dichloride
mercuric chloride
231-299-8 7487-94-7 080-010-00-X View details
phenylmercury acetate 200-532-5 62-38-4 080-011-00-5 View details
231-138-1 7440-28-0 081-001-00-3 View details
thallium compounds, with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex 081-002-00-9 View details
dithallium sulphate
thallic sulphate
231-201-3 7446-18-6 081-003-00-4 View details
lead compounds with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex 082-001-00-6 View details
lead alkyls 082-002-00-1 View details

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