Progress in evaluation in 2020

ECHA reports on the progress made in 2020 in dossier and substance evaluation in line with Article 54 of REACH. 

In 2020, ECHA continued its work on screening structurally similar substances in groups: 717 substances registered above 100 tonnes per year were screened. Out of these, ECHA selected 143 substances representing 33 groups for compliance check.

Important hazard data has been requested to clarify concerns related to human health and environmental hazards, including those affecting reproduction and causing genetic mutations.

One of the priorities in 2020 was to check compliance of those dossiers where registrants opted out from the joint submission and instead submitted their information separately. Checking these dossiers contributes to ensuring level playing field and supports the functioning of the internal market. The Agency checked compliance for 13 dossiers covering 9 substances submitted by companies opting out from joint submissions. Consequently, 11 draft decisions were sent for 8 substances.

In 2020, ECHA carried out 271 full compliance checks covering 258 unique substances. The full checks focused on addressing relevant higher-tier hazard endpoints for substances or groups of substances of potential concern mainly in the higher tonnage bands. In addition, ECHA conducted 76 targeted compliance checks, which in total resulted in 347 checks covering over 2500 registrations, and addressing 302 unique substances.

Concluded assessments

ECHA performed 271 full compliance checks (CCHs) and 130 testing proposal examinations (TPEs), covering 360 unique substances. ECHA issued 348 draft decisions: 240 on the abovementioned compliance checks and 108 on testing proposal examinations. The selection of registrations for compliance check was mainly based on (groups of) substances raising potential hazard- or exposure-based concerns.