Cosmetic Products Regulation, Annex IV - Allowed Colorants

This list contains coloring agents allowed for use in cosmetic products marketed in the European Union. The list indicates the approved fields for application, including whether or not the colorant is permitted for use in products applied near the eye or on mucous membranes, or in products intended to come in contact with the skin.


The substance obtained by controlled heat treatment of food-grade carbohydrates. Food-grade acids, alkalies, and salts may be used to assist carmelization. Food-grade antifoaming agents may be used in an amount not greater than that required to produce the intended effect. Consists essentially of colloidal aggregates that are dispersible in water but only partly dispersible in alcohol-water solutions. Depending upon the particular carmelizing agent used, may have a positive or negative colloidal charge in solution. ecnumber: 232-435-9 casnumber: 8028-89-5
Ref No.
Substance Identification Colour
Conditions Product type, body parts
All cosmetic products
Purity criteria as set out in Commission Directive 95/45/EC (E 150a-d)