Atmospheric Pollutants Directive, Annex I - Annual Emission Reporting

This list contains the Annex I pollutants that European Union Member States (MS) must measure and report on as part of their national emission reporting requirements. Table A lists the required annual reporting requirements; Table B lists the optional annual reporting requirements; Table C lists required two- and four-year reporting requirements. The National Emission Ceilings Directive 2016/2284/EU establishes emission reduction commitments for all EU MS.

nitric oxide

EC / List no: 233-271-0 CAS no: 10102-43-9
Total national emissions by NFR source category
Expressed As
as nitrogen dioxide
ozone precursors
9 Re-submissions due to errors shall be provided within four weeks at the latest and include a clear explanation of the changes made.
Ref No.
Art 8(1)(1) Member States shall prepare and annually update national emission inventories for the pollutants set out in Table A of Annex I, in accordance with the requirements set out therein.
Reporting Date
15 February
A Annual emission reporting requirements as referred to in the first subparagraph of Article 8(1)
Time Series
Annual, from 1990 to reporting year minus 2 (X-2)

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