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The European Union's enlargement policy and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) include dedicated measures to foster interaction between specific groups of third countries and EU agencies. Whereas the first policy addresses the candidate countries and potential candidates for EU accession, ENP is directed towards engaging 16 countries at the immediate external borders of the Union. The Commission supports the former via the Instrument for Pre-accession assistance (IPA) and the latter via the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). Both often work through the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument (TAIEX).

ECHA has contributed to both policy areas in the field of sound management of chemicals. The Agency's main goal is to assist third countries, at a technical level, in their alignment with and understanding of ECHA's chemicals safety regulatory activities.

Since 2009, ECHA has implemented its own IPA project focused on explanatory and training events for the authorities from beneficiary countries. The first project ended in November 2011 and the second one in November 2014. Our third project covers the period of September 2015 to February 2018.

ECHA's involvement in TAIEX events on chemicals management both in IPA and ENPI beneficiary countries is based on adhoc invitations.

In relation to the regulatory and trade dialogues between the EU and its main partners such as China, Korea and the Russian Federation, the Agency delivers support in particular by providing information about the status and implementation of REACH and CLP.

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