Substance identity issues covered in the screening campaign

Webinar date

30 April 2014


The webinar gives feedback to registrants about how to address substance identity issues that have been identified as an outcome of ECHA's IT screening campaign. The campaign was undertaken to detect dossiers with substance identity issues, a source of concern as confirmed by the latest evaluation report. The first campaign is focusing on straightforward issues and more complex cases may be covered later.


Introduction: Guide for attendees - Mercedes Viñas - [Play recording]

Missing and unclear information  - Laszlo Majoros - [Play recording]

Issue type 2, 6, and 7  - Barbara Raffaelli - [Play recording]

Inconsistent identifiers  - Panos Karamertzanis - [Play recording]

Validation Assistant plug-in Esther Callizo Viñuales - [Play recording]

Submitting the update  - Nagendra Singh - [Play recording]

Conclusions - Mercedes Viñas  - [Play recording]

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