Seventh meeting of the ECHA-Stakeholder Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES 7)

18-19 November 2014 | Diamant Conference & Business Centre (Brussels, Belgium)

The Event

ENES7 will focus on reporting on the latest developments to improve supply chain communication and the role of the REACH exposure scenarios.  The next phase (2015) in the implementation of the CSR/ES Roadmap and its priorities are also on the agenda.

The principal themes at ENES7 are improving communication on uses and conditions of use up the supply chain, promoting structured communication of exposure scenarios down the supply chain, connecting exposure assessment under REACH to the risk management practice downstream and looking forward to the next phase of developments under the CSR/ES Roadmap.

One topical session focuses on updates of key Chapters on Guidance for chemical safety assessment.


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Presentation [PDF] Speaker

Session 0: CSR/ES roadmap: progress and relationship with other roadmaps / programmes

Opening & welcome

Chris Money

(Cynara Consulting)

CSR/ES Roadmap and the road toward 2018

Andrew Murray
(ECHA) on behalf of

CSR/ES Roadmap-ENES Coordination Group

Session 1: improving communication up the supply chain 

Session 1.1 Sector use maps

Part A: lessons learnt with sector use maps

Sector Use Maps. Outcome of the testing of the template

Fertilizer sector experiences. Testing the Sector Uses Map Template

Laura Portugal


Working Group on Improved Use Maps

Reetta Puska

(Yara, on behalf of Fertilizers Europe and Farm Consortium)

Part B: sector use maps and exposure assessment inputs

Setting the scene: Exposure assessment inputs in the context of sector use maps

Andreas Ahrens

Proposals to develop an exposure assessment input template for workers

Jan Urbanus

Developments on SpERCs: Identifying good practice

Antonia Reihlen


Session 2: Promoting structured communication of exposure scenarios down the supply chain

Session 2.1

The new Catalogue of standard phrases

Dook Noij

ESCom Working Group on Standard Phrases
ESCom XML: State of play and future developments in 2015
Dirk Henckels ESCom XML Working Group

Session 2.2

Guidelines for building and structuring short titles for exposure scenarios for communication

Sylvie Lemoine (DUCC/A.I.S.E.)

Dirk Henckels Working Group on Structured Short Titles
Session 3: Connecting exposure assessment under reach with risk management downstream

Session 3.1

Safe use information for mixtures: State-of-the-art

Introduction and next steps

Steven Van de Broeck

Cefic/VCI  Mixtures Task Force 

The Lead Component Identification Methodology (the "top-down" approach) explained: Workflow and practical guidelines

Background document

Donna Seid, Stefanie Welz and Christian Bögi

Cefic/VCI  Mixtures Task Force 
Sector approaches to generating safe use information (the "bottom-up" approach): Update on latest developments and next steps

Janice Robinson


DUCC Task Force on Mixtures 

Session 3.2

Connecting occupational risk management to the REACH chemical safety assessment (CSA)

Background document

Eva Lechtenberg-Auffarth


Session 3.3

Use of information generated by REACH/CLP and other legislation to ensure safe use of chemicals

Andrew Murray

Session 4: Chemical safety assessment and the exposure scenario: review and revision of guidance

Session 4.1

IT Tool developments for use and exposure information

Hélène Magaud


Session 4.2

Review and revision of Guidance

Background document

Breakout discussion summaries

Breakout group presentations

Breakout group on Use description (Guidance R.12 update)

Breakout group on the update of guidance for the environment

Breakout group on the update of guidance for consumers

Breakout group on the update of guidance for workers


Celia Tanarro


Session 5: ENES 7 conclusions and next steps towards ENES 8 in 2015

Session 5.1

Main conclusions and follow-up actions to take away

Sylvie Lemoine



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