R4BP 3 now supports IUCLID 6 and allows new submissions to the review programme


A new version of the dossier submission tool for biocidal products, R4BP 3, is available. It supports companies' tasks related to the review programme and is compatible with IUCLID 6.

Helsinki, 6 July 2016 – The new version of R4BP 3 supports tasks related to the biocides review programme including:

  • submitting declarations of interest to notify active substance and product-type combinations to the review programme;
  • submitting notifications to include active substance and product-type combinations in the review programme;
  • submitting dossiers on active substances to be included in the programme (following a notification); and
  • adding, replacing and withdrawing participants (i.e. companies that have an interest in the substances in the review programme).

The updated R4BP 3 only accepts dossiers that have been created using IUCLID 6 – both for initial applications and for replies to authorities' requests for further information.

The user manuals have been updated and questions and answers on adapting to the new versions of R4BP 3 and IUCLID are available. Instructions on how to convert IUCLID 5 files to IUCLID 6 are also available.

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