Third meeting of the ECHA-Stakeholder Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES 3), 20-21 November 2012, Brussels




Summary  Sylvie Lemoine (DUCC)



ENES3 meeting expectations and programme: Jack de Bruijn and Christel Musset (ECHA) 

Setting the scene

Different parties explain their expectations, their understanding of the legal requirements, difficulties faced, successes and failures

Case studies

Each sector explains process followed, methods and output, identifies pros and cons of their approach, sector-specific features and transferability to other sectors
Alison Margary, (ATIEL/ATC)
Jon Birger Aarnes (CEPE/Jotun)
Thomas May (CEPE/DuPont)
Johannes Tolls (FEICA) 

Reports from break-out groups on mixtures

 This is including follow-up actions in relation to mixtures

ENES2 Recap

Conclusions of ENES2 and areas for further work
Presentation - Laura Walin (ECHA)

Progress since ENES2

presentation of key activities in the context of ENES, current status and next steps
Preparing good quality CSA/ES
Communicating ES
Interpreting ES

The future: the CSA/CSR/ES Roadmap.

ECHA explains the objectives, process and content of the cross-Stakeholder CSA/CSR Roadmap

Promoting ENES

How can we better formalise and disseminate ENES conclusions and promote the ENES platform?

General conclusions ENES3 and next steps


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