Importance of substance identification and sharing of data for the 2013 registration deadline - 27 March 2012

Webinar date

27 March 2012


The webinar is aimed to member registrants and it offers information on the following topics:

  • Introductory part on the SIEF process
  • Key messages on the importance of proper substance identification
  • Data sharing and related disputes.


Introduction to the webinar – Laurence Hoffstadt - [Play recording]

Introduction to substance identification - Paweł Figiel - [Play recording]

Substance identification – Examples - Benedek Poor - [Play recording]

Activities in SIEF & Obligations of registrants - Nikolaos Georgiadis - [Play recording]

Data sharing negotiations – ECHA's experience - Diana Antal - [Play recording]

Submission of a data sharing dispute - Daniel Sompolski - [Play recording]

Key messages and conclusions - Laurence Hoffstadt - [Play recording]

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