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The Italian Competent Authority for REACH is the Ministry of Health, DG Health Prevention as established with Parliament law n. 46 of 2007. Moreover, national Inter- Ministerial Decree 22 November 2007, O.J. n.12 of 15 January 2008 establishes the cooperation between Competent Authority and other administrations (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economic Development, National Institute of Health, National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research and Regions).

The Permanent Conference "State-Regions" Agreement of 29 October 2009 concerning "The system of official controls and related guidelines for the enforcement of REACH Regulation" establishes the Ministry of Health, DG Health Prevention is the Italian REACH Enforcing Authority and is responsible for controls to be conducted by a central pool of inspectors. The cooperation with of other bodies such as police task forces and border authorities is foreseen. At local level, surveillance plans will involve the 21 regional enforcing authorities who act trough existing territorial units represented by Local Health Boards (ASL) and Regional Environmental Agencies (ARPA). The coordinated system of cooperation between centre and periphery will allow a homogeneous control management.

The first controls were performed by the central inspectors, started in 2010 and will continue in 2011. At present controls are mainly focused on the pre-registration requirements and SDS.

Authorities responsible for REACH enforcement

Ministry of Health - The Italian REACH Competent Authority's is also responsible for REACH enforcement

Authorities responsible for Biocides enforcement

The Italian Competent Authority for BPR is the Ministry of Health, General Directorate on medical devices and pharmaceutical service as established with Parliament law n. 97 of 2013.

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