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Public access

What data will be made available?

From individual exporters submitting export notifications under PIC, the following data will be made publicly available:

  • For export notifications:
    • The year of the export;
    • The exporting EU Member State;
    • The importing country;
    • The non-confidential identity of the chemical or mixture or article exported (as provided by the exporter);
    • Its type (chemical, mixture or article).
  • For explicit consents and waivers:
    • The non-confidential identity of the chemical, mixture or article (as provided by the exporter) for which a consent or waiver is sought;
    • Its type (chemical, mixture or article);
    • The use category for which consent is sought;
    • The importing country ;
    • The exporting EU Member State ;
    • Whether a consent or a waiver is sought;
    • The request date;
    • The validity start date (if applicable);
    • The validity expiry date (if applicable)
    • The status of the consent or waiver (requested, accepted, refused).

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