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Log into ePIC

How do I access ePIC?

You can access ePIC using the ePIC portal. If you are new to ePIC, you need to register a company before you can log in. If you already have a valid account created in REACH-IT for migration purposes from EDEXIM to ePIC or you use a REACH-IT account for REACH or CLP purposes, refer to the ECHA Accounts FAQ.


I try to log into ePIC and I receive a message indicating that no role or company details have been provided. Why?

You need an ePIC role in ECHA Accounts before you gain access to the ePIC application.  

If you have signed up in ECHA Accounts from 2 September 2014, you may also receive this message if no legal entity details have been provided. If this applies to you, log into ECHA Accounts, encode your legal entity and include a contact person before you log into ePIC.

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