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ECHA Accounts

Understanding ECHA Accounts

What is an ECHA Account?

An ECHA Account is a means by which ECHA can provide services and downloads within a specific legal framework. When creating an account, the account holder has to agree to specific terms and conditions. In general, ECHA Accounts provide access to the following:

  1. ECHA IT tools (REACH-IT, R4BP 3, ePIC, Poison Centres Notifications, ECHA Cloud Services, etc);
  2. The right to download and install locally ECHA IT tools, for example IUCLID and Chesar;
  3. Additional services on the ECHA website, such as the possibility to receive notification on a substance of interest;
  4. User account details
There are two types of ECHA accounts:
  • Personal account: This provides access to options (2), (3) and (4) stated above. Notably, a personal account is not associated with a Legal Entity.
  • Business account: This type of account provides access to all the options (1) – (4) stated above. A business account is created by promoting a personal account to a business account. Therefore, a personal account must be created first. The promotion process requires either to create a new legal entity after the personal account creation, or to contact (offline) the Legal Entity Manager of an existing legal entity to include the new account in the legal entity.

A full explanation of ECHA accounts is provided in the manual here.

I had two accounts; one in REACH-IT and one in ECHA accounts converted by ECHA. What happened to my accounts?

ECHA has updated data in ECHA accounts based on the timestamps of the changes in both systems. New REACH-IT user accounts created after conversion have been converted to new ECHA user accounts and REACH-IT user roles have been merged to users in ECHA accounts.

We have tried our utmost to ensure smooth migration to ECHA accounts. However, in case you notice something lost or not migrated, please contact ECHA Helpdesk for further assistance.

You need to complete these steps only once to access the relevant ECHA IT system:

  • You need to provide your former REACH-IT username and password to log in to ePIC R4BP 3 or REACH-IT 3
  • Set a new password
  • Verify your email – if not done previously in REACH-IT.
  • Define the answer to the security question – if not done previously in REACH-IT.

Further details on the steps to carry out the account conversion can be found in chapter 8 of the ECHA Accounts manual.

I had an account on the website of IUCLID, Chesar, or Poison-Centres before 15th November 2018. What should I do?

On 15th November 2018, ECHA changed the method of logging in to the IUCLID, Chesar, and Poison-Centres websites to allow only ECHA Accounts to access them. It is no longer possible to log in to the IUCLID and Chesar websites using the accounts previously created on those websites.

If you have an ECHA account used to access any of the on-line tools provided by ECHA, the account credentials can now be used to log in to the IUCLID and Chesar websites. The on-line tools include: REACH-IT, R4BP 3, ePIC, Poison Centres Notifications Portal, and the ECHA Cloud Services.

If you do not have an ECHA account, and you want to access either the Chesar or the IUCLID website to download software, you will have to create an ECHA account first. This can be done from the ECHA website by following the steps:

  • Click on “sign in” (top right hand corner)
  • Select “personal or other account”
  • Click on “sign-up”

Once the account has been created, you will receive a verification email. You will be able to sign in to your account once the email has been verified.

If you want to continue receiving news alerts via email for either IUCLID or Chesar, you must log in with an ECHA Account, and activate the relevant options under My Account from within the appropriate website(s).

For more information consult ECHA account Q&A's

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