The SCIP format structures the information on articles that contain Candidate List substances in concentration above 0.1 % weight by weight that has to be submitted to ECHA.

The format is XML-based and defined taking into account the legal text of Article 9(1)(i) of the Waste Framework Directive, REACH Article 33(1), the Commission’s “Non-paper on the implementation of Articles 9(1)(i) and 9(2) of the revised Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC”, and ECHA’s Guidance on requirements for substances in articles.

The SCIP format is compatible with IUCLID, a tool developed by ECHA in collaboration with the OECD, which promotes the harmonisation of chemicals data. You can find additional information about this tool on the IUCLID website.

To help companies implement this format outside of the IUCLID tool, the following support materials are available:

Note that the XML list of picklist values contains all IUCLID phrases, not only the ones relevant for SCIP.

  • Validation rules for SCIP notifications [PDF] [EN]
  • Developers' guide to the IUCLID format: in IUCLID, the exchange of chemical information is facilitated through a zip/archive file with the extension .i6z (IUCLID 6 zip). This file contains information concerning all (inter)related IUCLID 6 entities (documents and attachments), in a well-defined and structured format. This guide explains the structure of the IUCLID file to help developers build accepted notification dossiers from their own systems.

    Download from IUCLID website

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