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surface tension
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study technically not feasible
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Water solubility too low to determine surface tension.
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Surface Tension

Justification For data Waiving (ECHA TGD ref 7.1.6)



From the compositional description, the structural formula given, and the exceedingly low water solubility demonstrated, it can be concluded that this substance 259-048-8 (EINECS) is not expected to be surface active, nor is it expected to reduce the surface tension of water in particular. There are no functional groups or other structural alerts present that would indicate that this substance should behave as a Water/Octanol emulsifier or as a wetting agent in general. Moreover, the Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB) is less than 3, and this empirical evaluation is furthermore confirmed by long term handling experience.








Dr. Thomas F. Buckley III