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A. General Q&As

What is the definition of "childcare articles", in the context of restrictions in Annex XVII to REACH?
A definition of "childcare articles" was inserted by the 22nd amendment of Council Directive 76/769/EEC, (which was repealed by REACH, Annex XVII) via the Directive 2005/84/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. Directive 76/769/EEC was amended so that the following definition for childcare articles was added in its Article 1(3)c: "childcare article" means any product intended to facilitate sleep, relaxation, hygiene, the feeding of children or sucking on the part of children. Hence the intention of the legislator was to use this definition for the purpose of all the restriction provisions and thereby this to be applicable for the entire Directive 76/769/EEC. Therefore, the same definition appears in entries 51 and 52 of Annex XVII, providing an indication of what should be generally considered as a "childcare article" in the context of all Annex XVII (to REACH) provisions. 

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