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Invoicing and Payments

REACH payments

How can I prepare my accounts payable department or my accounting company in view of ECHA's invoices?

All the information you need for proceeding with the payment is visible in the invoice itself. However, depending on your internal administrative procedures, it is advisable that your accounting/accounts payable department is prepared for the payment of ECHA's invoices.

We therefore recommend that you set up ECHA's bank account information in the accounting system well in advance of the first invoice's due date.


As from 01 July 2019 ECHA changed the bank account details shown on its fees and charges invoices. The Agency’s new house bank is ING Belgium NV. New ECHA’s financial identification form covers all the details needed for this new bank account

Invoices issued before 01 July 2019 indicate the bank account details of our previous house bank OP Corporate Bank OY. This account remains available until the payment terms on your invoice expire. Former ECHA’s financial identification covers all the details needed for the bank account with OP Corporate Bank OY.

We strongly advise you to pay to the bank account indicated on the invoice. However, staring from 01 July 2019 you can pay all our invoices to the new bank account held with ING Belgium.

If you use an external accounting company, please ensure that all required information about ECHA and REACH is passed on, in order to ensure the smooth handling of ECHA's invoices. It is also advisable that you ensure beforehand that there are no misunderstandings related to ECHA's status as an EU body which is exempt from any national tax or any value added tax. Please refer to Q&A ID 725 and Q&A ID 726.

Please make sure that the persons handling the payments of ECHA's invoices are aware that the payment should be made at the full amount so that any possible bank charges are not deducted from the payment.

Please inform your accounting department that if the invoice is paid after the extended due date, the REACH dossier submission will be rejected and the paid fee will not be refunded.

Please ensure that ECHA’s invoice number is stated in the payment instruction (see Q&A ID 721).

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