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Notification-Classification and Labelling Inventory

Does a manufacturer or importer have to notify substances listed in Annex VI to CLP?

Yes, he does; substances listed in Annex VI have to be notified in accordance with CLP Article 40 if placed on the EU market. Where a particular hazard class or differentiation is harmonised through Annex VI, this classification has to be used when notifying the substance. It is noted that for substances with a minimum classification in Annex VI, the notifier must classify in a more severe hazard category where he has further information which shows that this is more appropriate (see also QnA 260).

For non-harmonised hazard classes or differentiations of substances listed in Annex VI to CLP, the manufacturer or importer should self-classify the substance and introduce the resulting classification and labelling in his notification to the C&L Inventory, according to Article 4(3) of CLP. In case he concludes that the substance should not be classified for these hazard classes or differentiations, the reason should be given in accordance with Article 40 (1) (d) of CLP.

Where a notifier proposes to apply a different non-harmonised classification and labelling for a substance than that which has already been submitted to the Inventory by another actor, the notifier has to provide a reason for his classification as part of his notification to the Inventory.


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