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F. Registration, information on chemicals

How do I know whether or not a substance has been registered?

The first place is the lead registrant list, which shows the substances for which the registration process has been initiated and those to which a registration number has already been assigned.

Another option is the list of registered substances on ECHA’s website.
You can see the names of registrants by viewing the information on ECHA’s website. The company names appear at the bottom of the ‘General Information’ section. In some cases, the list may not include your specific supplier, because:
• your supplier is not the one manufacturing or importing the substance; or
• the registrant has successfully claimed the name as confidential or
• the registrant is an importer covered by a representative of the non-EU exporter.

The most reliable information should come from your supplier. You should be aware, however, that information can travel slowly along long supply chains.

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