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Information requirements and test methods and quality of data

Is there a list of GLP-certified testing laboratories?

The European Commission has published the lists of inspected test facilities provided by national GLP monitoring authorities. You can access the document at:

Good laboratory practice (GLP) certification of laboratories is the responsibility of national authorities that administer the national monitoring programmes.

If the laboratory is located in the EU, Norway or Switzerland, the corresponding authority can be found at the website of DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission at:

If the laboratory is located in another country, you should check the section on GLP of the OECD website:

After you have identified the relevant GLP monitoring authority, you can consult this authority to find out the laboratories with GLP certification in the corresponding country.

Additionally, laboratories can be inspected by a GLP monitoring authority even if located in a country which has not joined the OECD mutual acceptance of data system. Information on these laboratories can be obtained from the GLP monitoring authority who has inspected them (see also Q&A 122 ).

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