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REACH Registration

What do I need to do if I find my volume has exceeded 100 tonnes per year?

Each year, you need to calculate your yearly tonnage as the average over the three preceding years.


If you have yearly volumes of 60 tonnes in 2013, 90 tonnes in 2014, 140 tonnes in 2015 and 200 tonnes in 2016. The three-year average tonnage in 2016 is 97 tonnes per year, but the three-year average in 2017 is 143 tonnes.

In this case, you would need to register the substance as soon as possible as the registration deadline for substances over 100 tonnes per year has passed on 31 May 2013. The registration requirements should be based on the 2017 tonnage calculated as the average over 2014-2016, i.e. 143 tonnes.

As the yearly tonnage is based on a three-year average it should be easier for companies to anticipate any increase of yearly tonnage.

For further information see the Guidance on registration:

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