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Is it possible to modify the data entered in a pre-registration?

You can change all information in your pre-registration except the envisaged deadline for registration and the substance identity (EC number, CAS number and chemical name): you can update the contact information (i.e. change the contact person in your company or change/add your third party representative), the ‘similar substances’ and the ‘remarks’ for the pre-SIEF.

You can also update the remarks for the pre-SIEF directly in the pre-SIEF page, and it will be updated in your pre-registration.

If you pre-registered your substance with wrong identifiers, see Q&A 377 and Q&A 1142 for advice and instructions on how to proceed. You should still list the pre-registration number in the registration dossier when you register your substance with the correct identifiers.

Detailed instructions on how to deactivate a pre-registration if you want to signal to the pre-SIEF participants that you will not register the substance are provided in Q&A 346.

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