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Invoicing and Payments

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee for a substance depends on the tonnage of the registration, size of the company and the type of submission. Additionally:

  • Lower fees apply to joint submissions as compared to individual submissions. This does not apply in case you decide to opt-out of the joint submission;
  • SMEs benefit from a reduced fee in all categories;
  • An additional fee is levied for confidentiality.

No fee is required for the registration of substances if you are entitled to a fee waiver. Further information related to the fee waiver can be found under Q&A 1237


All these provisions are specified in Articles 12(1)(a) and 74 of REACH, taking into account Recital 34 of the regulation. The fee amounts can be found in the REACH Fee Regulation (No. 340/2008, and subsequent amendments).
Further information can be found under Invoicing and Payments..

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