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Scope of REACH

What falls under the definition of PPORD (Product and Process Oriented Research and Development)?
According to Article 3 (22) of the REACH Regulation PPORD is defined as "any scientific development related to product development or the further development of a substance, on its own, in preparations or in articles in the course of which pilot plant or production trials are used to develop the production process and/or to test the fields of application of the substance".Any scientific development of a substance consisting of, for example, campaign(s) for the scaling-up, improvement of a production process in a pilot plant or in the full-scale production, or the investigation of the fields of applications for that substance, falls under the definition of PPORD irrespective of the tonnage involved.
In order to promote innovation, Article 9 of the REACH Regulation specifies that substances manufactured or imported on their own or in mixtures, as well as substances incorporated in articles or imported in articles for the purpose of PPORD can be exempted from the duty to register for a period of 5 years. To be exempted a company needs to submit a PPORD notification to the ECHA. Upon request, ECHA may further extend this exemption for up to another 5 years, or 10 years for the development of medicinal products (for human or veterinary use) as well as for substances that are not placed on the market. Further information is provided by the specific Guidance on Scientific Research and Development (SR&D) and Product and Process Oriented Research and Development (PPORD): http://echa.europa.eu/guidance-documents/guidance-on-reach.

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