Biocides supplier or user

If you supply or use biocidal active substances or products in the EEA, you need to be aware of the EU's biocides legislation. It is designed to make sure that the potential risk of harm caused by biocides are in balance with their expected benefits.

The law applies to 22 different product types, belonging to four main groups:

  • Disinfectants for home and industrial use
  • Preservatives for manufactured and natural products
  • Pest control products
  • Other specialist biocidal products, for example, antifouling products

It also covers substances, mixtures and articles which have been treated with, or intentionally incorporate, one or more biocidal products.

What do you have to do?

It depends on what you manufacture, supply or use – an active substance, a biocidal product or a treated article.

When you use biocidal products or treated articles in your industrial or professional activity, make sure that they are authorised for use in the countries where you do business. 

The products or treated articles must contain only active substances which are:

  • Approved, or
  • Not giving rise to concern (listed in Annex I), or
  • Included in the Review Programme (under the provisions of national law)

You are only allowed to use biocidal products and treated articles for the purpose advised by their supplier. Follow the safety instructions and any provisions stated in the biocidal product authorisation.