Notification for placing on the market - simplified authorisation

A biocidal product that was authorised in a simplified procedure in an EU Member State can be placed on the market in all other Member States without mutual recognition.

The authorisation holder must notify a Member State at least 30 days before placing the product on the market in its territory. The product must be labelled in the official languages of the Member State unless that Member State provides otherwise.

A Member State can take steps to restrict or prohibit the product being made available in its territory. Refer to ECHA's Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) pages and to the legislation, in particular Article 27 of the BPR for information on the notification for placing on the market. See ‘Approval of active substances' also.

Submit your notification through the Register for Biocidal Products, R4BP 3.

Preparing a notification

  • Refer to the Biocides Submission Manual (BSM) 4 ‘Biocidal Products – Part A: Initial submissions'; BSM 7 ‘Notifications and permits' for support; the ‘Guidance on information requirements' as well as the legislation for instructions.
  • Refer also to the supporting documents table for submission requirements. Use the available document templates where appropriate. 

Submission through R4BP 3

  • Sign up for REACH-IT. Refer to BSM 2 ‘Using R4BP 3 for biocides applications' for instructions.
  • Log into R4BP 3 with your User ID and password defined in REACH-IT. Access your asset for the national authorisation in R4BP 3. The submission wizard for ‘notification for placing on the market' will guide you through the submission. Refer to BSM 4 ‘Biocidal Products – Part A: Initial submissions ' and also BSM 7 ‘Notifications and permits' for support.
  • The submission wizard will guide you through the submission. The asset owner details must be known in R4BP 3 to initiate this process.

Note that authorisations granted under the BPD must first be migrated from R4BP 2 in order to obtain the ‘asset number' required in R4BP 3. For further information, you may wish to consult the ‘Migration' Q&A section on the ECHA website or contact the ECHA Helpdesk.

Follow up in R4BP 3

Check your messages and tasks items in R4BP 3 regularly. You will find various messages under the ‘MESSAGES' tab in R4BP 3, for example:

  • Result of the format check.
  • Result of the acceptance step.

You may also receive authority requests for more information through R4BP 3 with a deadline. The requests will appear under TASKS. If you fail to meet a deadline, your notification might not be accepted.

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