Requesting a review of a decision on the use of an alternative chemical name


If ECHA does not accept the request for the use of an alternative chemical name, or if it later amends or withdraws its approval on the use of the alternative chemical name, you can request a review of the decision.

The request for review shall be submitted within two months from receipt of the decision.


Preparing a request

You are recommended to submit your review request via the below linked web-form.
Do not forget to attach your actual request for review and supporting documents after having populated all the fields in the web-form.

The acknowledgement of registration of your request will be communicated to you by email within three working days from submitting your request. If you do not see a confirmation message on your computer screen after having submitted the request via the web-form, or if you do not receive the acknowledgement by email, please contact the ECHA Helpdesk.

ECHA will always send the decision on the outcome of the review via the REACH-IT messaging system directly to the requester.