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Other issues affecting downstream users

Other issues affecting downstream users

Downstream users are key actors in ensuring that chemicals are used safely for the protection of human health and the environment. Alongside REACH and CLP, other EU-wide legislation such as the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Chemical Agents Directive set responsibilities to users of chemicals.

Registration under REACH and classification under CLP have generated and aligned information on chemicals. This information helps downstream users to operate safely and in accordance with the different legal requirements that apply to them. 

ECHA and its stakeholders are working to share and promote good practices and to better align the different legislative requirements. This will help downstream users to use the information in an efficient and effective way.



ECHA has developed a case study with stakeholders to illustrate where downstream users can use the supply chain information from the REACH and CLP regulations to support their obligations under certain environment and occupational health and safety legislation. 

For more information contact: downstream_users (at)

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