Opinions on Article 75(1)(g)

The Biocidal Products Committee has issued the following opinions on questions that have arisen from the operation of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) relating to technical guidance or risks to human health, animal health or the environment under Article 75(1)(g) of the BPR:

BPC Opinions on Article 75(1)(g)


Biocidal product BPC Opinion BPC minority positions Date of opinion
Product used for temporary preservation of human corpses 28/06/2018
Eligibility of certain food and feed substances for inclusion into Annex I 14/12/2017
Copper sulphate pentahydrate PT 3 11/12/2017
Inclusion into Annex I of corn cob
Questions regarding the comparative assessment of anticoagulant rodenticides 02/03/2017
Sulfuryl fluoride PT 8 and 18 30/09/2015
HeiQ AGS-20 10/04/2014
Polymeric binder 09/04/2014

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