Know your portfolio


Know your portfolio

Starting from your portfolio, you need to identify those substances which are subject to registration by 31 May 2018. Refresh your knowledge on REACH duties and decide for which substances you want to continue on the market. 

Identify your substances correctly

Unambiguous and correct identification of your substances is essential to a successful and compliant registration.  Review  that the substance identity information you provided in the pre-registration is still valid. Familiarise yourself with the REACH information requirements triggered by the tonnage and uses of your substances. Later in the process, you will need to compile all the required information in a registration dossier using the IUCLID software application (see step 5 Prepare your registration dossier in IUCLID).


You may want to hire a consultant to carry out your REACH-related duties. Below you can find a list of issues you may want to consider before taking the decision on whether to do so.





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