Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Inhalation : Not specifically applicable.
Skin contact : Remove all contaminated clothing and footwear. Wash with soap and water.
Eye contact : Rinse with running water whilst keeping the eyes wide open. (at least 15 minutes).
Ingestion : Rinse mouth out with water. NEVER attempt to induce vomiting.

Fire-fighting measures

Extinguishing media
- Suitable : Preferably use: Water spray, Multi-purpose powders, Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Not suitable : Strong water jet

Specific hazards : Combustible liquid. However, it does not catch fire easily.
During combustion: Toxic gases are released.
Specific fire fighting methods : Do not dispose of fire-fighting water in the environment
Protection of fire-fighters : Self-contained breathing apparatus, Boots, gloves, goggles.

Accidental release measures

Personal precautions : Avoid contact with eyes.

Prevent the product from spreading into the environment.

Personal protective equipment:
- appropriate gloves.
- safety glasses.
- suitable protective clothing.
For further information refer to section 8 of the SDS "Exposure-controls/personal protection".
Stop the leak. Turn leaking containers leak-side up to prevent the escape of liquid.

Environmental precautions: Contain the spilled material by bunding (product is hazardous for the environment).
Prevent the product from spreading into the environment.

Methods for cleaning up
- Recovery : Absorb the product onto porous material. Sweep up or vacuum up the product.
Collect up the spilled product and place it in a spare container: - suitably labelled.
Keep the recovered product for subsequent disposal.

- Cleaning/Decontamination : Clean with a high pressure water-jet.
Recover the cleaning water for subsequent disposal.

- Disposal : Dispose of contaminated material at an authorized site.

Further information : Warning: this product may cause the floor to be slippery

Handling and storage

Risk Management Measures:

REACH regulation Article 17(3) for on-site isolated intermediates and, in case the substance is transported to other sites for further processing, the substance should be handled at these sites under the Strictly Controlled Conditions as specified in REACH regulation Article 18(4). Site documentation to support safe handling arrangements including the selection of engineering, administrative and personal protective equipment controls in accordance with risk-based management systems is available at Manufacturing site. Written confirmation of application of Strictly Controlled Conditions has been received from Downstream Manufacturer/User of the Registrant’s intermediate.

- Skin exposure: the likelihood of exposure is low apart during maintenance, filtration step or sampling and analysis procedures for which individual considerations should apply. The application of RMM (PVC gloves EN374, EN388 for maintenance and filtration step, nitrile gloves (for analysis PE category III CE 0123, EN 374-2 2003 ; EN374-1 2003) , Tyvek® protective clothing for maintenance actions written in risk analysis to avoid contact with TSP) are considered according to the likelihood of exposure, in agreement with the exposure assessment. Additionally, only properly trained and certified personnel are allowed to handle the substance.

- Ocular exposure: Exposure to the eyes can occur in two ways: direct from the air (splashes, aerosols, dust) or indirect via hand-eye contact. The likelihood of hand-eye contact is considered to be very low for due to the fact that only properly trained or authorised personnel are allowed to handle the substance. Combined with stringent use of protective goggles for all exposure sources at which a likelihood of exposure exists (see above) an effective prevention of potential ocular irritation can be achieved.

The best choices for environment are made to avoid impact of this product. Most of the wastes are incinerated. Raw materials drums are incinerated whenever possible.

Transport information

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Marine transport (IMDG)

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Exposure controls / personal protection

Stability and reactivity

Disposal considerations