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Import Notifications

Import Notifications

In accordance with obligations under the Rotterdam Convention, other Parties to the Convention should notify exports from their country to the EU of chemicals which are banned or severely restricted on their territory. These are import notifications for the EU. The import notification contains information on the date/period of export, the exporting and importing country, the name of the chemical(s) and (optionally) the CAS number. It is possible to search for import notifications by exporting and/or importing country, year, chemical name and CAS number. A refined search is available by using multiple search filters.

Note: the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union on the 31 January 2020. However, in accordance with the withdrawal agreement, the United Kingdom continues to comply with the PIC regulation until the end of the transition period (31 December 2020). Therefore, the United Kingdom remains listed here as an “Importing country”.

Your search for "200-849-9, 75-21-8, Ethylene oxide" returned 19 results.

Znaleziono 19 wyników.
04/01/2016 Switzerland Belgium Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
29/10/2015 Switzerland Belgium Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
01/03/2019 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
01/11/2014 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
02/01/2006 Switzerland Germany Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
02/01/2007 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
02/01/2009 Switzerland Germany ethylenoxid 75-21-8
03/01/2008 Switzerland Germany Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
03/01/2017 Switzerland Germany Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
04/01/2011 Switzerland Germany ethylenoxid 75-21-8
04/01/2019 - 31/12/2019 Switzerland Germany Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
05/01/2018 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
08/01/2014 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
09/01/2015 Switzerland Germany Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
10/01/2005 Switzerland Germany Ethylenoxid 75-21-8
13/01/2020 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
16/01/2012 Switzerland Germany ethylene oxide 75-21-8
21/01/2010 Switzerland Germany ethylenoxid 75-21-8
27/06/2017 to 31/12/2017 Switzerland Germany Ethylene oxide 75-21-8
Znaleziono 19 wyników.

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