Safety and Health of Workers at Work Directive

Council Directive 89/391/EEC of 12 June 1989 on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work


This is the European framework directive for health and safety. It sets out general preventative measures for protecting the health and safety of workers. It ensures that the employer is responsible for their employees and that any risks are assessed. The measures defined in this Directive include employer obligations to provide their staff with information and training, to assess any risks within the workplace, to keep a record of any occupational accidents, to provide first aid, evacuation and fire safety measures, and to ensure that workers have the chance to contribute to health and safety measures via consultation.


This Directive is not applicable to the armed forces or police or 'certain specific activities in the civil protection services that inevitably conflict with it'.

Regulatory activities

According to Article 9 employers are obliged to: - Carry out a workplace risk assessment - Keep a list of any occupational accidents According to Article 17a Member States are obliged to: Draw up a report on the implementation of the Directive every five years

Relevant product types

Not applicable

Reference documents

Directive 80/1107/EEC, as last amended by Directive 88/ 642/EEC

Obligations based on CLP hazard class

Not applicable

Obligations based on properties of concerns

Not applicable

EU-level occupational exposure limits

Not applicable

EU-level emission limit values

Not applicable

Substance-centric data source(s) at the EU level

Not applicable

Industry submission system in place

Not applicable

Format for industry submission

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DG EMPL is legislation owner.

Update process

Due to a need for risk assessment, any risks posed to workers by chemical substances or preparations will need to be recorded. Risk assessments are updated in accordance with national legislation. Member States are to draw up an implementation report every five years.


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