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Gepreregistreerde stoffen

Gepreregistreerde stoffen

These pre-registration intentions were submitted to ECHA  between 1 June and 1 December 2008. Use this list to find other potential registrants of your substance so that you can submit a registration dossier jointly, as required by REACH.


Download the list

The complete list of pre-registered substances is too large to be displayed on this page. You can download the list as comma-separated file (CSV format) or in XML (encoded with UTF-8) and read it with other software like the common spreadsheet or word processing softwares.


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Download the list in CSV format (encoded in UTF-8):

The CSV is a delimited data format that has fields/columns separated by the semicolon character and records/rows separated by newlines. Fields that may contain a special character (semicolon, newline, or double quote), are enclosed in double quotes

For an easier handling, the list of Pre-registered substances is available in four parts ordered by EC number. They contain the same information as the following full list.

  • PRS List in CSV, part 1/4 (3.5MB), EC Numbers from 200-001-8 to 249-999-7
  • PRS List in CSV, part 2/4 (4.7MB), EC Numbers from 250-000-1 to 299-999-6
  • PRS List in CSV, part 3/4 (1.4MB), EC Numbers from 300-000-3 to 500-774-4
  • PRS List in CSV, part 4/4 (5.5MB), EC Numbers from 600-001-1 to 929-261-7

The complete list of Pre-registered substances with more than 140.000 lines, contains for each substance its EC number, CAS number (when available), name, synonyms (when available) and registration date.

Please note: the download of the complete list can be very slow, depending on your internet connection.

  • Complete PRS List in CSV-format (15MB)

Download the list in XML format (encoded in UTF-8):

XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information. This format can de used by common database engines.

The XML file provides the full list of Pre-registered substances. It contains for each substance its EC number, CAS number (when available), name, synonyms (when available), related substances and registration date.

Please note: the download of the complete list can be very slow, depending on your internet connection.

  • PRS List in XML (53MB)
  • PRS List in XML, compressed in ZIP archive (5.4MB)


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Database contains 145297 unique substances/entries.
Name EC / List no. CAS no. Synonyms Envisaged registration deadline Related substances
This category encompasses the various chemical substances manufactured in the production of ceramics. For purposes of this category, a ceramic is defined as a crystalline or partially crystalline, inorganic, non-metallic, usually opaque substance consisting principally of combinations of inorganic oxides of aluminum, calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, silicon, titanium, or zirconium which conventionally is formed first by fusion or sintering at very high temperatures, then by cooling, generally resulting in a rigid, brittle monophase or multiphase structure. (Those ceramics which are produced by heating inorganic glass, thereby changing its physical structure from amorphous to crystalline but not its chemical identity are not included in this definition.) This category consists of chemical substances other than by-products or impurities which are formed during the production of various ceramics and concurrently incorporated into a ceramic mixture. Its composition may contain any one or a combination of these substances. Trace amounts of oxides and other substances may be present. The following representative elements are principally present as oxides but may also be present as borides, carbides, chlorides, fluorides, nitrides, silicides, or sulfides in multiple oxidation states, or in more complex compounds.@Aluminum@Lithium@Barium@Magnesium@Beryllium@Manganese@Boron@Phosphorus@Cadmium@Potassium@Calcium@Silicon@Carbon@Sodium@Cerium@Thorium@Cesium@Tin@Chromium@Titanium@Cobalt@Uranium@Copper@Yttrium@Hafnium@Zinc@Iron@Zirconium

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