Under REACH, you are a manufacturer if as an individual or a company:

  • you are based in the EEA; and
  • you produce or extract a chemical substance.

You are not a manufacturer if:

  • you only blend substances into mixtures or use chemicals to produce articles – then you are a downstream user.

Find out more about registration in the Registration support section of our website and the REACH 2018 pages.

The safe manufacture and management of chemicals requires information and knowledge on the chemicals’ properties, hazards, uses and their possible risks.

Your responsibility is to provide this information to authorities and to advise your customers on how to use your chemicals safely. The main way to do this is through the Registration process (information to authorities), and providing extended safety data sheets to your customers and using the appropriate hazard labels with your products. You also have the obligation to grant access to this same information to your own workers and their representatives.

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