Universe of registered substances

ECHA’s work in mapping the universe of registered substances (chemical universe) plays a key role in supporting the Agency’s aim to focus on substances of concern and identify the most appropriate risk management measures.

ECHA’s ambition is to map all substances registered at above 100 tonnes per year by 2020, categorising substances as:

  • high priority for regulatory risk management;
  • needing more data for a judgement to be made; or
  • currently of low priority for further work.

This work is carried out together with the Member States. Companies and industry sectors can proactively contribute to the work by keeping their dossiers up to date and providing more accurate use and exposure information.

Cooperation and coordination with Member States is key to ensure that the integrated regulatory strategy goals are achieved. ECHA aims to have by 2027 all registered substances above one tonne allocated to the categories above.

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