Ką daryti ir ko nedaryti SIEF derybose?

These Dos and Don'ts can help make your cooperation with other co-registrants smoother.


Dos Don'ts
Be reliable, consistent and open in your communication

Spend too much time discussing who will be the lead registrant

Act in time and establish a timeline for your registration

Assume that someone else will do your work for you and register the substance

Reply to messages from the other SIEF members

Underestimate the time and resources required to prepare the dossier

 Take the initiative in SIEFs that are crucial for your business, especially when no other SIEF member seems to be willing to move ahead

Disclose confidential or commercially sensitive information

✓ Focus your discussions on getting things done in the SIEF – and if you cannot agree on how to distribute work among the SIEF members, consider hiring a consultant


Agree on a robust cost-sharing model

Favour some SIEF members over others

Treat the company/person you are negotiating with as you would expect to be treated

Provide without unnecessary delays the information needed to proceed with the preparation of the joint registration dossier

✓ Keep track of all communication between SIEF members

✓ Continue using a SIEF or another similar form of contractual agreement between co-registrants of the same substance even after the 2018 registration deadline

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