Toy Safety Directive - Substances Restricted in Toys

This list contains substances whose use in toys is restricted in the European Union in accordance with points 8 and 13, Part III, and Appendices A and C of Annex II (Particular Safety Requirements) to Directive 2009/48/EC on toy safety. List entries include substance name, CAS number, limit values for certain product types and, where applicable, notes on restrictions.

Nickel and its compounds

ecnumber: - casnumber: -
Application Name
Any toys except in toys and toy components made of stainless steel and toy components which are intended to conduct an electric current
Expressed As
As Nickel
Shall not be used in toys, in components of toys or in micro-structurally distinct parts of toys (Point 3, Part III, Annex II). See Point 4 and 5 for derogations from Point 3
Classification: CMR2, according to Appendix A to Annex II

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